Approach your information technology choices strategically, evaluate choices based on cost, uncertainties and risk and get the information needed to choose with confidence, clarity and precision.



We work with you to define and frame your needs with respect to your existing business process, so that you can increase efficiency, accuracy and your return on investment. 

One size doesn’t fit all.  Total Choice will help develop your technology strategy to ensure you make decisions that fit your budget and meet your needs.





The right information technology strategy is a central part of managing your business.  Total Choice will help align your objectives, mitigate risks, remove uncertainty and identify solutions to the problems that need to be addressed.  



Total Choice provides support services for clients of all sizes.  From first level Helpdesk to critical infrastructure support, our teams of certified technicians can provide the critical support necessary to keep you up and running. Learn more

Our NOC services provide cost effective monitoring for your servers and network infrastructure, and help to prevent problems before they impact your production.

Whatever the size of your operation, Total Choice will be able to integrate and enhance your technology services.





Total Choice provides cloud and on premise managed services uniquely positioned to meet your organization’s infrastructure and budgetary needs. Our solutions are designed to enable our clients a higher level of security, compliance and performance through the integration of our people, processes, and technology.



110 million credit cards were compromised by the Target security breach during the 2013 Christmas shopping season.  In 2015, 21 million records were stolen from the United States Office of Personnel management, but according to Symantec, an estimated 31 percent of cyber attacks in 2012 were aimed at companies with less than 250 users. This was more than double the 18 percent found in 2011, and the trend is still growing. 

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The Total Choice Unified Security Managed Service platform provides essential security capabilities to help businesses manage both compliance issues and security threats.



Total Choice Business Continuity Services protect businesses from the costs of downtime, give businesses fast and complete recovery of downed or destroyed servers and critical workstations. Total Choice Business Continuity Services minimize the costs associated with server outages that can be caused by hard drive failures, security breaches, and human error, as well as disasters, such as fires, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes.




Whether developing technology with a custom solution or adopting an established vendor platform, implementing a strategy that is integrated with the objectives and goals of the organizations’ overall mission is critically important.  Total Choice brings clarity to the Information Technology process and gives you the power to make decisions with confidence.



Total Choice is a Houston based technology firm with a global reach.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8-5, and our field service hours are from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday.  For after hours support, please log into your customer portal and call the support hotline.

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